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MISSING THEM - A Live Online Theater Event 


Adapted and developed by Reza Salazar and Anjali Tsui in collaboration with THE CITY’s MISSING THEM project.

Missing Them is a live theater event that builds on a collaborative journalism project to name every New Yorker lost to COVID-19 and tell a story about them. In this new play, adapted and developed by Reza Salazar and Anjali Tsui, in collaboration with THE CITY’s award-winning MISSING THEM project we remember and celebrate the people who made New York the city we love, but are no longer with us.

For more info, please visit:

MISSING THEM, A Memorial to Lives Lost in the Pandemic, to be Presented by Working Theater

Shakespeare@ Home’s Radio Play - JULIUS CAESAR


All Episodes available!

Presented in four weekly episodes, Julius Caesar is one of Shakespeare’s best known and most oft-quoted plays, chronicling the political and moral crisis of Brutus and his fellow conspirators as they plot to murder Caesar to prevent a dictatorship. First performed in 1599, this timeless play examines the razor-thin line between power and corruption, duty and ambition, and the perils of a state divided.

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The New Works Virtual Festival is an online fundraiser for the Actors Fund presenting 20 new works performed by all-star casts. A global, divergent collection of works will be featured from a diverse array of writers, selected from about 700 submissions.

Hope Villanueva’s “The QOL Mandate” tells the story of a post COVID-19 America in which all young men are forced to undergo vasectomies for population control and one Mexican-American single mother who secretly defies the procedure for her teenage son. The play explores what it is to be Latinx in America.

To watch, please visit:


Written by Playwright Barbara Bennion, the story shares the real-life, harrowing experiences of five Latino migrants crossing the border from Mexico, Central America, and South America. The play is being presented in an abbreviated version by Hollywood & New York City actors Teresa Yenque, Jose Yenque, Barbara Bonilla, Francis Mateo, and Patrick Michael Valley.

To watch, please visit:

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Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 3.04.21 PM.png

In the course of Bernard L. Madoff’s 150-year sentence for stock fraud, he is visited by the ghostly presence of the most famous--until now--fraudster of them all, Carlo (“Charles”) Ponzi. Bernie is looking for some justification of his crimes from his hero, and Carlo is probably the only man he trusts. They have much in common, much to discuss.

To watch, please visit:

Horatio in HAMLET for Shakespeare@

in Jersey City's Grace Church 

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 9.27.41 PM.png


BWW Review: Jersey City's Grace Church turns into Elsinore for HAMLET by Shakespeare@

by Matthew Michaels Mar. 30, 2019  

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Shakespeare@ kicks off their inaugural run in Jersey City with a sharp production of HAMLET. William Shakespeare's Danish tragedy of revenge and mental insanity transforms the space of Grace Church Van Vorst, a New Jersey Episcopal church on the National Registry of Historic Places.



Horatio, still from the play Hamlet from Shakespeare At.

Photo by Will O’Hare.


Theatre Review: La Cancion Represents Latin Culture At Harlem Stage

February 5, 2018 Diandra Reviews

la cancion.jpg


"The splashes of Reggaeton, Salsa, and even Bachata make you appreciate that Latinos are a people moved body and soul. Moreover, Vico C’s music is phenomenal. He truly captured the urban nature of modern Latin Music, but throws homage to its classic roots, particularly, through the role of Francis Mateo’s Rafael.


Mateo’s Rafael, next to Rafa, is the character that most grows from beginning to the end of La Canción. In one hour and forty minutes, he transforms from cold and distant to as warm and loving as Rafa, which makes sense once you see the show. This is a non-spoiler review. Yet, I do hope you give yourself the chance to see La Canción. Beyond being a positive and loving homage to Latin Culture, it is also a show about believing in yourself, even when your family or the world cannot see your vision.

Dreaming is an intimate, private experience, but the journey to make it reality is shared. Thus, as you watch Rafa share his dreams into fruition, you admire and learn from his capacity to always say yes to himself even when the world says no; something the Latin community understands very well. For More Information on La Canción And Repertorio Español ."



by BWW News Desk 

Aug. 31, 2017  

The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA), the nation's longest running active arts advocacy organization for Latino actors, has announced its latest class of HOLA Award recipients for 2017, the awards ceremony's 18th year.

The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) is an arts service/advocacy organization dedicated to expanding the presence of Hispanic artists in entertainment and media through the cultivation, education and recognition of emerging artists.

HOLA strives for an accurate, informed and non-stereotyped portrayal of the full spectrum of Latino culture and heritage in the entertainment and media industries.

Marco Antonio Rodríguez, En el nombre de Salomé (Repertorio Español)

Maité Bonilla, Zulema Clares, Dalia Davi, Darlenis Durán,
Hannia Guillén, Jesús E. Martínez, Francis Mateo, Diana Pou,
Johary Ramos, Jerry Soto, Fermín Suárez, En el nombre de Salomé
(Repertorio Español)


Zulema Clares, En el nombre de Salomé (Repertorio Español)


En el nombre de Salomé (Repertorio Español)


Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 8.34.38 PM.png

Poster by Sean Devare


From October 31st to November 17th, I will be playing a serie of short plays written by Richard Vetere at New Perspective Theater.


For more info, please visit:


Photo by Paul Fox
Photo by Paul Fox
Photo by Paul Fox
Photo by Paul Fox
Richard Vetere explains the world... 10 minutes at a time!
Dead Reckoning:
Sixth Annual Women's Work Original Short Play Festival 

From August 13th to August 17, I was part of New Perspective Theater's short play festival, Dead Reckoning that included Pop Life. Set in the early evening of the great blackout of 2003, Pop Life by Holly M. Eaton, directed by Joyia Bradley, brings four co-workers serendipitously together in the same bar on their journey home—where they find themselves in a space transformed by the lack of power--thus making anything possible!

Episode 54: special guest.

Recently, I joined the brilliant folks at Pop Tech Jam for a podcast reading of Star Wars by William Shakespeare. We are on around minute 20. Click on the cassette:


Last year, I had the honor to be invited to BACKSTRACKS produced by the very talented Jocelyn Gonzales. To listen to the podcast, just click on the image below:



Some pics from Love's Labour's Lost

Photos by Allison Stock

Love's Labour's Lost (June, 2013)


Poster by Sean Devare

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